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ICRTouch TouchOffice Software

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  • Secure and reliable
  • Backup function
  • Remotely message till screens
  • See current balances
  • Remotely view live activity on up to 6 tills
  • Time delay price increases
  • Till link via broadband/internet
  • Built-in SEL printing
  • Monitor a line of products, or entire stock
  • Remote messaging to all tills
  • Produce charts and graphs demonstrating sales


  • Monitor trends
  • Compare and chart sales
  • Compare supplier prices
  • Remotely view live activity on up to 6 tills
  • Custom product names
  • Sales reports can be viewed on a PC
  • Stock/Inventory management

Product reference code: 3581
ICRTouch TouchOffice Software


ICRTouch TouchOffice Software
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ICRTouch's TouchOffice is the most reliable, stable and robust web based software for all your backend office needs. It is the perfect product partner for all products and software in the ICRTouch range. TouchOffice boasts unrivalled integration with your tills and other essential hardware, making running your business a breeze. TouchOffice easily handles the complex tasks of monitoring sales and stock, collating information from tills, and managing staff and promotions - all so you don't have to.

With TouchOffice, you'll be able to monitor trends, make changes and improvements throughout your business, compare and chart sales and orders from single lines to entire brands, and much more. With over 30 years experience in developing and supplying EPoS systems, ICRTouch knows how to do it the right way. TouchOffice is also compatible with other software packages, including Sage, Booker and Pay24-7.


Additional features include:

  • Easily managing promotions, including happy hour, multi-buy deals, etc.
  • Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcoded stock labels.
  • Time-delay price increases.
  • Global price increase feature, updating all your prices in one go.
  • Communicates with tills, ensuring you don't have to program each one individually.